Open Railway Data?   (10 Příspěvků)
pd - 16. 05. 2020 22:52
Do you know [www.openrailwaymap.org] ?

You can also try to download individual regions of OpenStreetMap [download.geofabrik.de] (OSM is also used for Open Railway Map) and extract the railway layer. But I didn't try it.
Benutzer - 16. 05. 2020 17:16
I make my own Map. Now I have a Demo for Vienna: [map.refx.at]
Now I will expend it to CZ, SK, HU,... but I need People who help me with that. I cant do everything alone.
pd - 16. 05. 2020 17:10
These are mostly geo data or enviromental data, not very interesting.. What data are you looking for ČD or ZSSK? Both are carriers, they don't have geodata.

In [pid.cz] you can find some timetable data in GTFS format of ČD trains in Prague region.

There is still a nationwide system with train timetable data: [ftp.cisjr.cz] - only in specific xml format, unfortunately not very user friendly and no English, updated only a few times a year. This output is on the court order, the data processor doesn't want to provide it and therefore it is published the worst as possible ...

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Benutzer - 16. 05. 2020 15:50
pd - 16. 05. 2020 11:02
I don't know about open data from ČD, ZSSK, MÁV... These companies have a panic fear of publishing more data than is in public timetable. What exactly are you looking for?
Benutzer - 15. 05. 2020 16:34
Well can someone replay in English?!
pd - 31. 03. 2020 17:03
Příspěvky ze sekce sci-fi řazení se na úvodní stránce vůbec nezobrazují.
Týpek - 30. 03. 2020 18:32
Dobrý den nevíte proč se mé nové příspěvky v tématu vymíšlíme si řazení neukazují v nejnovějších příspěvkách
Benutzer - 22. 02. 2020 17:03
Benutzer - 22. 02. 2020 00:19
Does anyone know if the CD, ZSSK,MAV,.. have Open Data?
I found this: [inspire-geoportal.ec.europa.eu]
but no download Link. And I dont speak CZ.


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