How contact the Admin?   (8 Příspěvků)
pd - 29. 08. 2019 00:43
Please send me the link to mail vagonweb(at)vagonweb.cz
Benutzer - 29. 08. 2019 00:23
I found some "API" who I want to share but the link, url must be under discolour so the dont see that much traffic there. It would be sad when the block the access to that.
pd - 28. 08. 2019 23:03
Dear Benutzer,
something like Imprint you can find really on main page. Please scroll to bottom third of the page. There is also contact to author ;)
GDPR is not relevant to this site.
Benutzer - 28. 08. 2019 16:03
I cant see an Imprint or the mandatory GDPR Infos.
vantju - 28. 08. 2019 15:58
This is main page of Vagonweb? Here: [www.vagonweb.cz] there are authors with contact info.
Benutzer - 28. 08. 2019 15:11
This forum powered by Phorum. ?
Ok ok its not the Topic but I would recommend to use PhpBB there is an option to switch between the Language..
vantju - 28. 08. 2019 14:48
Hi, scroll down on the main page. winking smiley
Benutzer - 27. 08. 2019 13:15
I found something to add more Train Infos. How to contact the Admin for?
Some Company leaf some API open.


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