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Benutzer - 17. 03. 2018 15:07
Sorry I forgott about...
I was just in Athen and there are no DMU class 621 there. The are only operate from Thessaloniki to Florina.
In / around Athen quite every Local Train are operated by 460 Desiro. Every Track arround Athen are Electrified.
I saw an 560 Stadler GTW far away in the Larissa Station and dont know where the operate on because there is no reason to use Diesel instead of the Desiro.
In the Desiro the toilet is clean but the water tap was missing! There is no way to wash your Hand! angry smiley
Between Doukissis Plakentias and the Airport the Subway use the same Tracks as the TrainOSE Trains.
libcha - 09. 02. 2018 13:47
I guess that your work would be appreciated if you photographed currently missing wehicles for the purpose of making their pictures for composition. From my point of view, for example DMU class 621 ;)
Benutzer - 08. 02. 2018 00:35
I travel to Greece again should I take pictures of the Train for the composition?


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