Buy Warsaw - Vienna?   (10 Příspěvků)
Benutzer - 16. 12. 2016 21:11
so I got it. Sadly I could not choose an Bed.
Benutzer - 14. 12. 2016 22:17
the öbb offer me the night train single sleeper for 79€ i think i take it.
Benutzer - 14. 12. 2016 21:56
I search now. I see its a little cheaper but i have to wait 1h in Bohumin + 1h in Breclav at 2.1 who is cold and dark...

1Class would cost 1208 CZK with my IN25.
over the Boarder 9€??? hot smiley

I see its the only way I could book it with splitt.
Do you know does I need an(other) reservation for Chalupki - Bohumin ?

When I am wait until I am in Polant i belive it wont be cheaper to book everything there so all cheap tickets are gone.
I sleep only 2 nights there.
pd - 14. 12. 2016 21:49
And of course, a little cheaper is direct trip via Bohumín - Otrokovice - Břeclav. The ticket Bohumín - Wien for 524 CZK in ČD eshop. But one more change in Břeclav station.
pd - 14. 12. 2016 21:19
I think the PKPIC eshop can sell an international ticket only for EC trains Warszawa - Berlin and Gdansk - Berlin. Nothing else.
The ČD eshop can sell only one-way ticket from Czech to Poland or retour ticket Czech -> Poland -> Czech. There isn't possible to buy one-way ticket from Poland to Czech and retour Poland -> Czech -> Poland on ČD eshop.
National carriers must have some restrictions...

So I would recommend to split ticket:
1) Warszawa - Chalupki (national ticket for 45,50 PLN in PKPIC eshop)
2) Chalupki - Bohumin (cca 9 EUR at every international ticket office)
3) Bohumín - Česká Třebová (buy in ČD eshop for 277 Kč)
4) Česká Třebová - Wien (buy in ČD eshop from 386 Kč)
Benutzer - 12. 12. 2016 13:58
hmm I cant book...

Do you have any idea? Split the Ticket?
Bohumin - Ceska Trebova - Wien on CD and Warsaw to the last stop in Poland?
The Problem is I could not get cheap Tickets when I arrive in Warsaw.
Matěj - 10. 12. 2016 09:00
The new timetable will be valid since tomorrow, so you are right, this weekend.
Benutzer - 10. 12. 2016 00:03
I was ask them in english but the dont understand it write.
Next week I start my holiday trip and i want have a return ticket.
When does the timetable chance? This weekend i think?
prototyp401 - 09. 12. 2016 21:35
There are some problem with data from PKP IC I believe (it's not for the first time).
Normally there are direct connections between Warszawa and Wien like EC105 Sobiesky etc. and it's not possible to find it too.
I see in the CD eshop that the train EC105 from Warszawa has no data for Poland side, only czech and austrian stops. The same with the EC112 (only czech stops) RJ 373 is OK. I believe it's just some delay of polish data for new timetable that starts this sunday and it will be completed soon.
If it won't be completed in 10 days and you contact me there (or on my email) because you need ticket for this connection I can write a request on CD support in czech language and asked them about it.
Benutzer - 09. 12. 2016 17:59
1) PKP IC dont offer my a Ticket
2) the ÖBB have no Tickets
3) The CD offer me some weired connection.

I will buy:
Warszawa Centralna 02.01.2017 ab 13:55 IC 112
Ceska Trebova an 20:04

Ceska Trebova ab 20:21 RJ 373
Wien Hbf an 22:49

So I try to get a Ticket vom Bohumin to Wien via Ceska Trebova.
The dont find the Train?!


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