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Benutzer - 27. 11. 2016 19:17
I tocked the ALEX Train directly to Praha.
The trip trouth CZ is:
Hamburg - Nürnberg with ICE
~10Min to get the Regionalzug to Cheb and than 20 Minutes for the SC to Praha. smileys with beer
You know the German Trains are on Time. spinning smiley sticking its tongue out

Praha 22:00 -> Warsaw
Matěj - 16. 11. 2016 08:09
Ops that's sad :( . Where was you going to?
Benutzer - 13. 11. 2016 17:24
The Train from CZ Velenice to Pilsen was 20-30min delayed hot smiley and I missed the SC.
Now I claimed a Refund.
Matěj - 31. 10. 2016 14:47
If REX 3800 Donau Moldau is on time, you will change the trains absolutely without problems (I suppose - the station is quite clear and not so big). In case of delay I think R 624 Hejtman should wait maximally 10 minutes - then I recommend you to ask the conductor. However, these regional trains from Linz to České Budějovice are usually on time :)
Benutzer - 31. 10. 2016 13:45
I have only some Minutes to change the Train in Ceske Budejovice.
REX 3800 Donau Moldau
R 624 Hejtman

and Plzen hl.n.
Its possible to get the train?


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