New Westbahn Train   (5 Příspěvků)
Benutzer - 02. 10. 2018 20:39
The new Trains are still in use. I used them by my own.
pd - 29. 09. 2018 20:00
New train categories/companies will not be open for this year, because there are only two months to end this timetable year. Only in progress categories can be completed.
Ventus - 29. 09. 2018 07:22
I would like to add the scheduled compositions of the Westbahn trains (Source will be the composition-posters on the platforms.). How can I do so?
Adlet - 29. 09. 2016 13:56
These trains are not in Service yet, the photo you see is a snapshot from a Stadler plant in Switzerland, the delivery will take place probably next year.
Benutzer - 24. 09. 2016 00:35

pls make new model pictures.


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