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Visit Cheb?   (7 Příspěvků)
Benutzer - 29. 09. 2016 00:41
CZ had every time open boarders. grinning smiley
The CD Railjet is going to Graz to. (Praha - Vîden - Graz).
Yes outsite of CZ you have to pay double or more for the same Products. (No Happy Hour...)

THAT is in my eyes a big scam!
Roman - 27. 09. 2016 16:59

I speak a very little Czech. I never saw menus in CZ and English language with different prices.
But maybe it used to be like that in earlier days shortly after the opening of the borders.
CD restaurant indeed have different prices for CZ and outside CZ (with the exception that you pay CZ prices between Vienna/Wien and Breclav).
But this is depending on the route not on the citizenship. So CZ people pay the more expensive price on routes abroad. Also foreigners pay the cheap price within Czech republic.
For beer it's even more then +50%. It's 3 times more expensive.
In my eyes that's not really a rip off. It's just adopting to the different price levels in different countries.
I think people would empty the beer stock within one hour if a beer costs just 1,30€ in the RailJet on the way from Wien to Graz :)
Benutzer - 22. 09. 2016 21:45
do you speak cz language? My Dad and my Grandparents do and the told me it and when i was a kid i see it my self...

Pls look on the Menu Card from the CZ Restaurant. Outside of the CZ you pay ~50% more. A rip of...
Roman - 22. 09. 2016 13:47
Honestly - I already travelled a lot thru Czech Republic and I never ever experienced different prices for CZ and non CZ residents....
Benutzer - 13. 09. 2016 19:35
Thanks can someone recommend an CZ Restaurant how have not 2 price for not cz poples?
My dad is from cz and i know how it run.... >:D<
Ch. - 02. 09. 2016 22:39
you can see several historical sights in Cheb, e.g. "Špalíček" on the main square, Cheb castle, some churches, lookout tower on church sv. Mikuláše a sv. Alžběty, ...
And there is also Billa near main square: [mapy.cz]
Enjoy your stay!
Benutzer - 01. 09. 2016 15:56
I travel with the SC from - to Cheb: 13:14 - 14:46
So what can I do there? I see there is no Billa? sad smiley

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