WLABs in Slovakia   (4 Příspěvků)
pd - 09. 12. 2015 19:46
Coach Nr. 10 will be only WLAB, other cars coincidence meanwhile (maybe will be possible to trace some regularity later).
TobiasM - 08. 12. 2015 21:12

thanks for your answer!

Will there be a plan when there is a WLAB or a WLABmee on the R615? :)

Or is it coincidence if there is a WLAB or a WLABmee? (Important for slovak-travel-plannings) :D
pd - 04. 12. 2015 22:31
Hello Tobias,

these cars bought the Wagon Service Travel (WSBA), not ZSSK ;) See [www.wagonservice.sk]

Trains R 614/615 will be with both types (WLAB and WLABmee, but rather "original" WLABmee ZSSK than WSBA), R 800/801 still with old WLAB only.
TobiasM - 04. 12. 2015 21:17

I´ve seen the last days that the ZSSK has bought new sleeping-cars.

Will be the train R615/R801 with these new wagons or will they run with the old (but good winking smiley ) WLABs?

Greetings from Germany,


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