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Strašidlo - 14. 06. 2020 16:43
cfr123 - 13. 06. 2020 00:35
Hello how can i add or create fictional cars into sci-fi section?

Greetings from Romania
KERMANSHAHI - 24. 01. 2017 14:47

I sadly can't make anything of the website but i had a question if i may and that is, where can i buy passenger wagons?

with Regards,

Greetings from Vienna
pd - 15. 01. 2017 22:02
OK, it's there.
rasha - 15. 01. 2017 13:47

can you add 2017 timetable cars and locos to be able to put in sci-fi compositions? Thank you!
pd - 19. 02. 2015 17:04
Thanks for your notice, both bugs are fixed.
rasha - 16. 02. 2015 15:39

there is some error when trying to put 2 or more variants for loco or car in sci-fi compositions (with use of letter @). Some cars and locos are not showing in composition, just nothing shows at all. I noticed that that problem exists with ŽS 444 and RŽD WLABmz, maybe with some others also. There is also another problem. When I choose ČD Bcmz in new blue color scheme, in composition is shown in old ex OBB grey-red color scheme. Can you fix those issues?

Thank you!
Greetings from Belgrade.


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