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sci-fi: Old colours?   (6 Příspěvků)
pd - 14. 12. 2014 13:02
I corrected all mistakes, thanks for your notice. All cars and locos in sci-fi - I hope that before the end of the year ;)
rasha1 - 07. 12. 2014 12:56

when will all cars and locomotives available in other compositions be available in sci-fi?

I will also like you to pay attention to few minor mistakes:
1) SŽ ABl with space for bicycle has 12 seats in 1st class, and 30 seats in 2nd class (not 24 1st, and 18 2nd class)
2) TCDD cars Bc and WLA (with new color scheme) are not existant. They are actually same as Bcm and WLAm with old color scheme, just painted in new.

Thank you :)
pd - 25. 11. 2014 01:46
Yes, I'm planning to add to sci-fi all other cars in all colours which are available in other composition years here at vagonweb.
Anonymní uživatel - 24. 11. 2014 23:07
Thank you!
Is it planned to get also other DB-old coloured coachs in the sci-fi subpage? I have seen them here (DB Avmz: [www.vagonweb.cz] , DB Bomz: [www.vagonweb.cz]). If not, it is also okay (but "yes" would be very nice winking smiley).
pd - 23. 11. 2014 18:19
thanks for your comments, I fixed all faults.
Anonymní uživatel - 21. 11. 2014 23:59
Good evening, I have a question and two comments about the great site vagonweb.cz:

a) "sci-fi: Old colours?": In the "DB" layer of the sci-fi subpage "DB Bpmz" and "DB Bvmz" are in the old DB colours. But at the preview they are not in the old colours, there they are in the today colours. Is it possible to get the old colours also at the preview? It would be great if you can help me! smiling smiley

b) Comments: There are two faults in your database. The former "Touristikzug" DB cars "DB Bvmkz 856" and "DB Bpmz 857.1" have a wrong number of seats. "DB Bvmkz 856" have 7 "compartments" with 6 places = 42 seats (not 32 seats). This car has also a galley which can used for drinks and little snacks and a luggage compartment. The "DB Bpmz 857.1" is a special open coach with 51 seats (not 80 seats). It would be very nice if you would correct this data of this nice coachs.

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