EN421 real composition   (2 Příspěvků)
pd - 10. 08. 2013 16:43
Hello Fabian,
thanks for your post. Compositions from unregistered users is subject to approval and it usually takes a few days. With the exception of the holiday season when it may take longer and it is highlighted in the form (because admins are traveling ...). Others are compositions from registered users, they can publish it directly. Your post (and many others) will be published in the next few days, thank you for your patience :)
Fabian2 - 07. 08. 2013 22:24
Hello everybody,

three days ago I've added the real train composition for EN421 train on 5.8.2013. While a lot of other compositions from this day show up on this website, the one I submitted does not. Did I probably do something wrong or do I just need to wait some days?



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